As a freelance jewelry designer, my goal is to imagine unique, original creations that will match your expectations and style. 

    Wether you already have a clear idea of what you are looking for ; you have some sketches you would like to see turned into technical drawings ; you have collected pictures for inspiration and you want to synthesize them into one jewel ; or you have a gemstone you need to use, I will adapt to your situation.


Earrings sketches

   For each design I can work on several propositions of color stones/materials, to see how the same piece would look in different shades of sapphire, in hard stone, in textured gold... You can then pick your favourite, or keep them all to make a line out of it ! 


Pendant : diamond & satined gold
Pendant : diamond
Pendant : diamond & lapis lazuli
Pendant : blue sapphires

   And obviously I can imagine a all set with the same pattern : earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, brooch...

Earrings : diamond
Earrings : blue sapphires
Ring : diamond & lapis lazuli
Ring : diamond & satined gold

   I usually work on Adobe Illustrator to create accurate, detailed drawings that you can then use for CAD or production, but I can also use the more traditional technique of gouache painting for a more luxurious, refined rendering.

Ring : diamond
Ring : diamond - gouache painting
Ring : ruby
Ring : ruby - gouache painting
Ring : emerald
Ring : emerald - gouache painting